Maeve of Winter (whimsicalnixie) wrote in obscurefandoms,
Maeve of Winter

FIC: The Diary of Jane-- (Trixie Belden)

Fic: "The Diary of Jane"
Author: Maeve of Winter
Series Link: "Songs About Jane"
Rating: Chapter Rating: PG, Fic Rating: PG-13
Summary: By February of ninth grade, Jane Morgan viewed Diana Lynch as her rival. But back in September of first grade, they became friends. A backstory explaining the connection, friendship, and eventual (one-sided) rivalry between Diana Lynch and Jane Morgan. 4th in the "Songs About Jane" series.
Note: Comments and critique are welcome on this story.
Link: At AO3.
Disclaimer: I do not own Trixie Belden, nor do I profit from my fanfics. Also, Breaking Benjamin has a song by the same name of this fic.
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