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Slashing Our Fandoms with Pride
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This is obscurefandoms, a community for fanfic from small or nonexistant fandoms. Like Bend it Like Beckham slash? Pride and Prejudice genfic? Cycling haikus? Post or find them here. This is also a clearing house for information on how to find others with your particular fanfic bents; soon there will be a list, below this information, of small fandom communities.

We welcome fanfic of any type and any length; we only ask that you cut fanfics over 300 words and R and above fic.

We also welcome RPF and RPS, or Real Person Fiction and Slash. We recognize there are complicated legal issues around the issue of RPF, and thus we require you to include a disclaimer with all fanfic.

Flaming will get you banned, with no excuses. Please report any flames to soleta.

As always, we request that you use your common sense; include warnings and disclaimers on your own fiction. Read the warnings posted on other fics. If you don't like it, don't read it.

Your moderator is soleta.

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